‘Social Media’ is the catch-all description given to the instant communication networks we now use to communicate with each other.As you probably know this type of communication has seen a phenomenonal growth in the last few years and more and more businesses see that advertising on it is a vital addition to their more tradition advertising mediums.

At Website Design Lab we can put together a campaign for you to run alongside the launch of your new or revamped website – it doesnt cost the earth to achieve results using this form of advertising & in some cases, like YouTube & Twitter, its totally free. To be honest the majority of this is stuff that businesses can very easily set up and manage themselves at virtually no cost so its well worth looking at.

Twitters gained a bit of noteriety recently with various sportsmen getting themselves in trouble by posting pictures or opinions their employers didnt like but theres a saying ‘theres’ no such thing as bad publicity’. These headlines mean more people are now joining Twitter daily and depending on the type of business you are it can be a great way to communicate with existing & potential customers.

The basic way it works is that,once you’ve set you account up, people click on the ‘twitter’ button on your website to ‘follow’ you. You’re then able to post messages of a maximum of 140 characters which your ‘followers’ receive in their inbox.

Facebooks probably the fastest growing of all the social media advertising mediums. Its appealing to businesses looking for new customers because the personal information Facebook asks subscribers for means that it can offer vary targetted campaigns for advertisers. For example anyone putting ‘engaged’ as their marital status will receive advertisements on their Facebook home page from businesses offering wedding venues, wedding dresses etc etc. This is ‘pay per click’ advertising and a well managed campaign can be very profitable. You can set a daily budget limit so you have total control over your spend.

YouTube may seem a strange option to use to advertise your business but a lot of companies do. Everyone knows that millions of us watch YouTube videos every day for entertainment but how would it beneficial for a busines? Well i suppose demonstrations of equipment or tools you were selling would be an obvious one or there are builders who have filmed the work they have done – for example putting up a conservatory. It can be a great way to give potential customers confidence in your company and its absolutely free of charge.

Audio Boo are a relatively new company who offer the facility for subscribers to upload recorded voice messages in much the same way as twitter allows you to upload written messages. Its taken off as a great way for relatives and friends to send audio messages to each other wherever they are in the world. We’ve yet to see its value in the business world but its novelty value means that early adopters may get some interest from its use.

LinkedIn is a great business to business social network where you can sign up to the appropriate groups and get support, advice & help from other experts in your field. Its becoming a lot more popular amongst UK businesses and theres a good article about it here

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